When Enough Isn't Enough (College Scandal)

Celebrities appear to have it all. The money, the fame, and amongst all great opportunities. And though many would agree the wealthy live envious lives with all that is acquired in their career, some personalities have an unquenchable thirst for more.

The pressures rich kids and legacies are put upon come with a cost. To be sure their parents’ dreams come true, both guardians and children would do whatever it takes to succeed, even taking the unlawful route. The infamous College Admissions Scandal that was recently revealed to the public in March of 2019 is a great example of such misconducts.

Why settle for less when there’s a wad of cash at your disposal? And that’s exactly Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, alongside 49 other household names turned criminals. The scam was simple, as bribery is nothing but tradition to most rich folks, however, the yolk landed on their faces when one of their conspirators turned them in. Parents made fraudulent arrangements to have their kids wrongfully admitted to some of the top universities in the nation. And the schools involved like University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles, Georgetown University, and most other elite and IVY League schools. Though, undoubtingly, this can be guessed to have been taking place for as long as money can buy sliced bread, the scandal became the talk of the town because this time, the parents were caught.

According to, Felicity Huffman was only served 14 days in jail for multiple crimes including two counts of bribery to exam officials and sports team coaches, money laundering through fabricated charity organizations and impersonation attempts by their children who faked documents of their involvement in academic studies and other logistics. Lori Loughlin has yet to face her fate but seeing as her counterpart has with only a slap on the wrist, I wouldn’t worry too much if I was her.

When regarding people with money they often get away with the crimes they’ve committed. Violators who have a heavy pocket and commit various felonies including sexual assault, homicide (sometimes in multiple degrees), gang crimes, conspiracy and harmful engineering, that are each chargeable offenses of between 5 to 25 years, sometimes even life, are unbothered with the minimum sentencing, such as Felicity Huffman.

There was a case back in 2011 of similar deception. Ms. Kelley Williams-Bolar, a single mother and a woman of color, was sentenced to be jailed for 5 years for falsifying her residency so her kids would have the opportunity of receiving a better education in a different district. She faked some addresses for the betterment of her children’s future and she was accused of stealing an education. This isn’t the only report of exaggerated punishment for petty, barely feasible crimes. There have been sentencings for up to 20 years in the name of “education theft.”

Many reporters, news outlets, news stations and other online resources have had field days when Felicity’s sentencing was released to the public. Her miniscule punishment had many suggest the sentencing was an act of white privilege. Comparing her case to those of single black mothers, its hard to reject this notion, however, felicity didn’t get off completely free, and did receive jail time, so others may disagree.

Whether her jail time period is a result of white privilege or not, many could agree for the crimes committed, Felicity should’ve received much more than 2 weeks in jail. It can also be assumed by the general public that Felicity, Lori and the other affiliates will receive special treatment while in detainment. Solitary confinement for protection, maybe better meals or more access to them, and more. Not to mention these parents are famous and/or wealthy so their commissaries will never be short.

Ivy League schools are amongst the most sought out by young students all over the world. Millions of young adults stress for perfect grades, the best community service streaks, attending club meetings, studying late nights, suffering from a lack of sleep, and other sacrifices for the sake of their future. Now imagine these hardworking kids getting overlooked for admission to their top school choices because a kid with more financial resources influenced the admissions office with a few Benjamins. Whose more qualified in the eyes of the institution?

To most the justice system would unmistakably be theorized to be flawed and corrupt. Unfortunately, the justice system is to be labeled as one thing, it would be complex. So, attempting to even begin to fix the underlying issues in the manner this nation goes about the law and other factors within, would take a great amount of work. And regrettably, it took humanity centuries of trial and error to learn from the past and practice better traditions and laws for a better world. Though we aren’t quite perfect yet, we need to look at this situation and gain a lesson from it.

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