The Sex Battle with STDs

Casual sex has always been a rather difficult task, partially because of dissimilar desires caused by probable emotional roles between two different individuals. Casual sex is like an ordeal where the participants are attempting to balance themselves on thin ice. There has always been that lingering possibility of getting an infection but now that lingering feels more like a threat.

Sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections at an all time high in recent years, especially in Florida making living a sexually active life stressful. Stated by, “There are approximately 26,632 people living with HIV in Miami.”, and these numbers gradually rise every day with the help of unprotected intercourse, unfortunate criminal activities, drug use, and dating apps.

According to the same website aforementioned, in 2017 there were 345 HIV positive carriers for every 100,000 people in the 33146 zip code, specifically, the University of Miami area. These numbers seem minor compared to the 33139 area of North Miami with a count of 5,163 HIV cases of 100,000, though indefinitely, any amount of people infected is unruly.

These possibilities of contracting sexually transmitted diseases may influence your upcoming abstinence period, or make your significant other for the night get tested every time you decide to "do the devil's tango". However, the University of Miami student body, with the right measures taken, will only have midterms to worry about. Practicing safe sex by using condoms increases protection against STDs and STIs by 98%. Keeping a condom on your person, male or female, means the difference between a fun night played safe and fun night you'll come to regret. Your life will get much easier with a condom in your purse or desk drawer, and avoiding STDs and STIs will be a simple reach away.

As a college student, worrying about sexually transmitted diseases feels minimal because I'm constantly diligent with the measures I take both before and after the act. But being on top of your body's health doesn't mean you would have to ignore the fun in sex. Personally, I want to get to know the person I plan on spending the night with, even if it's just for a few hours. This is because I feel if the person is a "serial infector", someone who's knowingly infected with HIV/AIDS or any other disease and decides to sleep with another person without relaying the information with their partner, then at least the few hours of the congregation will hopefully influence that person not to commit that horrendous act. It would be easier to screw over a stranger than an acquaintance or friend. If you plan on drinking, don't drink to incoherence for the sake of good decision making. If fellatio will be taking place, take a quick peak for any infectious symptoms. Bumps, marks, and smells. I know it sounds gross, but what's more gross is transmitting that disease on to your mouth and private area. After sex, immediately pee and shower to rid of any foreign bacteria. If you want to go the extra mile, the next day takes antibiotics and book a session with your OBGYN/doctor. Though it sounds tedious, these measures seem worth it compared to the ladder.

This generation’s attitude towards sex due to these statistics is both tabooed thus pushing more and more individuals to act carefully. Colleges hand out literal bags of condoms most commonly during certain orientations, and condom jars can also be found posted on all residential dorms’ front desks. Programs on sexual harassment that can lead to such diseases and awareness organizations are provided on all college campuses. Fundraisers and tabling events on sexually transmitted diseases can also be found around the schools. The University of Miami, assumably alongside many other college campus health centers, offers free HIV/AIDS testing and other screenings for students. With these measures in hand, casual sex and dating as a

A college student is made safe and accessible.

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