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Locks and kinks and curls Oh My! Whether you have loose waves, tight kinks or anything in between, the southern Sunshine State heat is enemy to us all. We may angrily shake our fists at the sky and curse our ancestral line for our genetically inherited troublesome hair, however, there’s no need to fret, there are various solutions to said problems. Though these resolutions won’t help with this month’s rent or the next midterm exam, you can at least seize the day, and the obstacles that accompany it, with beautiful and voluptuous hair.

It is safe to assume that everyone has a hair care routine that is created to cater to each respective head of hair, however unbenounced to hair-caretakers, the most damage caused to our own is from our own hands. The majority of the harm is done unknowingly with the exception of those individuals who put their hair through heavy strain, wear and tear by over-dyeing, straightening, perming, teasing, or not washing enough for the sake of style.

Now if you aren’t interested in the religious everyday tasks that are maintaining your curls, and instead opted to take the easy way out, well, we’ve all been there. However, hairstyles that promote unhealthy hair can be altered for both stylish and healthy alternatives without robbing you blind or adding too much effort in the morning. If you’re super excited to learn more on your hair, the energy is much appreciated and can be met on page 4.

Hair Straightening

A major percentage of females have either used a flat-iron a few times in their lives, or obsessively straighten their hair. And, depending on the hair texture comes about different techniques for temporarily riding each kink and coil.

Heat Protectant Spray

Heat Protectant Spray is applied, via spray bottle, on each strand of hair before the use of the flatiron. It’s main purpose is to protect the hair from potential burns and singes, as well as ensure a loose and bouncy finish. This helps avoid stiffness and heat-scarred strands. A good example of trusted heat protectant sprays is TRESemmé, Shea Moisture, Cantu, and Aussi, amongst many others.

Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil

If you’re looking for a super-discounted alternative, olive oil works wonders as a heat protectant and shine enhancer. This miracle oil can be found in any and every Elegant Beauty Supply, CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart in small bottles for between $2 to $5.

Tip: You want to add a thin coating, (around 2-3 sprays), but not too much. Applying too much product may make the strand difficult to straighten and stiff to the touch.

Avoid At All Costs

Either you’re covering up grays or seeking individuality through expressing yourself, over-dyeing, similar to perming, can strip hair of natural oils which lead to breakage and dryness. Many dye kits and perm sets are either equipped with a specialized nourishing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner after wash, or are embedded with such.

You shouldn’t be teasing your hair unless it’s 1982, you’re going to a Halloween costume party as an 80s character, or you’re stuck in the past; try to keep the teasing to a minimum.

Washing your hair too often allows dryness and breakage to take over. Washing too little, depending on the hair texture, can leave the hair oily/greasy, clog hair pores, prevent growth, and create flakes and dandruff.

Hair Texture Chart

Like people, hair comes in all shapes and sizes as does each hair routine. Locating your hair texture type on the Hair Texture Chart will enable you to pin-point your unique texture, go forth with the right products for you,which will then lead to your best hair routine. Below is one of many examples of the Hair Texture Chart made for women of various hair textures.

For looser curls, lighter-based products work best. Heavy and thick products can clump and weigh the curls down. Light oils, light sprays, dry shampoo/conditioner, and sometimes hairspray, will leave a light, wavy and airy look. (Kind of like fresh beach waves that have sun dried). Here are suggested hair products for our section 2 girls!

Coily curls, otherwise known as “the hair that takes many forms” is diverse yet unique. Section 3 girls can use light products as well as selective heavy ‘pomades’ with various results. Thick or thin you can slick-back, poof up, air-dry, blow-out, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Section 4 Afro-type hair is the only hair that defies gravity. Because of its extra thickness and unapologetic girth, a lot of product is needed. Heavy pomades help keep the hair moisturized at all ends, oils penetrate the hair down to the roots to ensure full coverage, and light products can often be used to style and twist.

Keep in mind these products are trial and error based. Not all products work how you want them, but you shouldn’t give up! Mix and match between sections, activate your curls with a little water or a lot, whatever techniques are up your sleeve, your match made in heaven awaits!

Tips and Tricks

Before I let you go about the many wonders of your hair with all that you’ve learned, here a few extra tips on how to better take care of your hair; free of charge.

Wide-Toothed Comb

When detangling your hair, it is much healthier to do so with a wide-toothed comb. If you use combs with skinny teeth that are tightly packed between the bases, especially with thick hair, it’ll rip out a lot of hair during every wash and/or detangling session. Over time your hair will decrease in volume. With a wide toothed comb there is less hair fall, prevents breakage, more gentle on hair, and promotes hair thickness to increase.

Hair Masks and Deep Conditioning

Hair masks and deep conditioning sets will become your best friend. They are only there to support your hair goals so make good use of them. You should deep condition once every 1-2 weeks, same goes with the hair mask. They deeply repair damaged hair which means they are detrimental to those who are looking to recover from seriou hair damage. They also promote hair growth and often help deal with split ends. There are many trusted brands, below you will find a few examples of the best of the best! Best of all, they’re each between $1.99 and $3.99.

There are various homemade, or DIY as the trend is named, masks and treatments that serve as a discounted alternative to acquiring luxurious hair. The egg and avocado hair mask, the Jojoba Oil rinse, Jamaican Castor Oil for strength, Peppermint Oil for a clear and dandruff-free scalp, Tree Tea Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, others are as cheap as they are effective, and that’s very.

We will end this thread with a list of hair products I believe benefit some. Although they do not seem to benefit my thin 3C hair, they may prove otherwise to you.

· Kinky Curly

· Lotta Body

· Aunt Jackie’s

· Pink

· Motion


· Silk Elements

· The Original Hair Mayonnaise


· Miss Jessie’s

· Carol’s Daughter

· Shea Miracle

· Mega Growth

Feel free to seek out the ones that spark an interest and again, don’t be afraid explore the many possibilities! Who knows the marvels that await!

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