Is the Black Culture Safe from Culture Vultures like Jessica Krug?

The black culture has fallen victim to culture vultures time and time again. The non-POC’s adaptation of cornrows and box braids, hoop earrings, long acrylic nails, dreadlocks, and gold teeth amongst many other trends belonging to the black community is insulting as is annoying; these things that on a black person is considered ghetto, ratchet, and unprofessional, are considered cultured, exotic, and unique on a white person. It’s a song stuck on repeat, and it’s ever so blatantly shoved in black and brown people’s faces. Especially on social media, where the most popular influencer sports box braids and tans herself to a color that can be mistaken as a form of an identity crisis. But non-POC have gone too far with this melanated burglary.

Jessica Krug, a historian turned African studies professor at George Washington University, recently came out as white. For a long period of her life, Krug falsified her identity as an individual with a background of“ North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness.” The reasons as to why she changed her specific background are unknown, but nevertheless disgusting. Picking and choosing her minority traits, the same traits that’s caused colorist and racist hate crimes, rapes, murders, kidnappings, and more unimaginably heinous and barbaric tragedies within the POC community throughout time, and here Jessica is fishing for a race that she feels like wearing for the time being.

Originally a white Jewish kid from suburban Kansas City, Krug explains her beliefs in why she faked her race in an expose on herself, and went as far as acquiring benefits from jobs and opportunities designed to aid and lift the black man and female in a professional setting throughout the years. As a common result, whenever someone from the caucus race defends their mistakes to the public they reach for the most reliable excuse, and that is by pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Professionals sought clarity in her actions by claiming mental health issues, altered identity, or severe trauma in her earlier life, however, Krug never officially stated a reason. Better yet, she never even apologized. Krug’s expose sounded like a forced attempt to out herself. It was because before she exposed herself, she was being questioned on her race by her colleagues who noticed that “while black” she came off as a person who was trying to overcompensate her blackness. This led to some background research which then led to confrontation. However, like she stole an entire race, she stole her black colleague’s opportunity to expose her as well. Krug seized the opportunity of the truth getting out by twisting the narrative from a liar’s image to self-hating, self-recognizably cowardice, and culturally confused individual to lessen the blow of the backlash. Truly a move that scheming and dirty politicians would pull in attempts to paint a picture of understanding and maturity, all to save face.

The phrases found sprinkled in her expose such as “I am a coward”, and, “you should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself” are laughable if not completely null in meaning.

Krug resigned in the face of termination at George Washington University.

To clarify a point made by those who tried to defend original culture vulture Rachel Dolezal when she was stripped of all acquired titles “as an African-American”‒ audaciously claiming those actions were race-based and thus racist against whites, that is simply untrue. Due to black history in the United States, major racially-disproportionate discriminatory practices have held the black community back, and continue to do so today. Where schools, courts, offices, and other professional settings were ‘whites-only’, are now shared by all, however, the setback that extreme racism and discrimination created led to affirmative action protocols and other missions of human rights justice. This is why when it comes to teaching African studies, that role is best to be claimed by an aspiring African-American teacher. Or in Rachel Dolezal’s case, when acting as chair in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, again, those seats are best to be filled by prosperous black men and women. However, the difference between Jim Crow’s ‘whites-only’ phase, and the preferred seating of a black individual in a black organization, is the discrimination. Because preferring a black person to represent a black organization, club, or study, isn’t discriminating, but just historically-fulfilling to black scholars, teachers, preachers, and ancestors, and respectful in the sense of spreading the black word. If a white person were to study and learn the black culture and immerse themselves in the culture enough to prove their knowledge and intent in spreading said word with positive intent, as does the NAACP amongst many other black organizations, there would undeniably be no problem in that white person joining the organization. As been mentioned by members of the NAACP amidst the Rachel Dolezal case. The reason why Rachel Dolezal and now Jessica Krug see punishment is due to their deception, which did nothing but completely insult the black community. It’s blackface without the paint. Individuals within the black community, scholarly or not, aren’t prejudiced to the point where they’d deny any and every white person who tries to learn about their culture, history, and practices. Lying to attain those roles attained by pretending to be black was thus unnecessary to begin with. It was the NAACP itself that was founded by a group of black and white individuals in 1909 to help provide for the African-American community. White-American suffragist and journalist Mary White Ovington was a co-founder of the NAACP. White-American lawyer, anti-imperial activist, and civil rights leader Moorfield Storey also co-founded the NAACP.

The routes these fraudulent white women took was a complete waste of time, their careers, and tarnished their credibility and reputation. Even with all their African-American knowledge. Think of all the great things they could’ve accomplished without the deceit. They would have acted as true ‘allies’ to the black community.

When black individuals fight to protect the black identity in a way that non-black people describe as exaggerative, loud, filled with attitude, and ghetto, just know that these attempts are the last resort to maintain the black identity. Our culture picked at by non-POCs for an Instagram post or a fashion trend. Big butts on a black woman is inappropriate, but a big butt on Kim Kardashian is desirable and looked up to. Even regular things like baggy clothes on a black person, which automatically makes them unkempt and lazy, but baggy clothes on non-POC is cozy and a Sunday off. These double standards have destroyed the black self-esteem, bullied little black girls to straighten and perm their hair, and kept black people in a corner, unable to rise up for a long time. That’s why black people hold themselves to such high standards in life, at home, and in societal settings. That’s why when black people succeed it’s followed by hundreds of retweets hashtagged #BlackExcellence. The double standards that once harmed the black community are now being challenged by an overzealous amount of black confidence, and so, when a non-POC individual attempts to imitate that, especially with everything that the black community has suffered through for over four years, it is absolutely unacceptable.

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