Biracial Child's Head Shaved at Daycare, Told: "It will Grow Back Straighter."

A Massachusetts mother, Denise Robinson, pursued legal action towards school/home for emotional and mental youngsters, Little Heroes Group Home, for shaving her 7-year-old daughter, Tru’s, head nearly bald.

Now, there were two big problems with this. One, the school made drastic decisions for this girl without the parent’s decision. Second, the staff at the institute told this little girl that "The hair will grow back straight.", according to Denise, who was informed by her daughter.

The institute claims that they shaved the girl’s head due to hygienic problems, However, nowadays, institutions have adopted the hair net in efforts to combat contagious lice and dandruff, in lieu of the drastic head shaving as what was done in the past. So this explanation didn't make any sense. To make matters worse, the comment. The fact that the comment stuck with Tru enough for her to report it to her mother means a lot. I’m not sure if Tru even fully comprehended the seriousness of what just happened to her, as a kid she’s not really focused on her look just yet, but this was most definitely a hate crime (in my opinion) that may affect her over the years. What else could this have been?The comment was directed towards Tru's biracial features. Through speculation, I could only imagine the comment: “The hair would grow back straight” would be mentioned as a form of a comfort tactic or reassurance towards the loss of her curly hair. If the staff woman had just stated: " Don't worry, the hair will grow back.", the motives may be assumed as something other than a hate crime.

Though the situation seems minuscule, your appearance plays as much of a part as your mental and emotional state plays when it comes to your health. Confidence is key, and it helps tremendously towards your happiness. This story gains its significance in its principle. This girl, as mentioned before, probably doesn’t even realize the situation as a bad one, but when she grows up and she starts to notice this incident as racially motivated, it will affect how she feels about herself, her looks, her hair, let alone the society she lives in, her view on the people around her, and her view on the world. Black women already have the natural hair struggle; black girls try to grow up with “uncontrollable” and “unpreferable” unkempt hair, and it takes years for a black girl to grow comfortable in her own skin with her natural hair. By cutting Tru's natural, biracial hair, this unnamed staff member did more harm than just cutting some dead follicles from a little girl's scalp. She put Tru's self-image and confidence as a black individual at risk.

Long story short, don’t they know you’re not supposed to touch a black girl’s hair?

CBS Boston, WBZ Chanel 4, October 19 2017 at 7:11pm, October 25th 2017, Jessica Ankomah

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