Dark-Skinned Women in the Industry Part 1 (Azealia Banks)

Rapper Azealia Banks has been part of a plethora of fights between herself and many celebrities. However, noticeably in all of Banks' arguments, her views on race/racism and her thoughts on dark-skinned hate never fails to be brought into light, even if the situation doesn't call for the label. Almost as if the basis of black hate isn't only her main point within the probably racially-motivated argument taking place, but race is the main point she's trying to bring to light as a life lesson. Her philosophical quandary.

This is my theory as to why, as said by her many critics, "she makes everything about race."

Banks' calls a lot of things anti-black, and a lot of people and a lot of professions are indeed anti-black. As a black person, you have the right to defend your race and speak up, however, Azealia comes off as perplexed and a lot of her comments hint to self-hate and insecurities specifically tied to her dark color. She's an advocate for dark-skinned girls and the troubles that come with being the "least desirable (dark-skinned) of the least desirable (back people)." -- As many view it-- And though her advocacy is justifiable simply by viewing how individuals like her are portrayed in society, the confusion comes when Banks claims anti-blackness in all her arguments. Even if some arguments may be misunderstandings, ignorance towards certain topics, or a mix-up between appreciation and appropriation rather than just race-based.

At a young age, especially if you are inexperienced in receiving hate, it can be very easy to confuse one argument for another, and to deem one person's reasoning and intentions as racist in the scheme of things. Ideas become skewed when one lets hate and prejudice tear one down as a living and feeling individual. Based on my observing her acts and the specific comments she's said in all her exchanges, I assume she's simply succumbed to what racist people intended upon her, which is that of a self-loathing and torn black woman.

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