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From Black Panther to hair braids to Beyonce, the African movement is unapologetically taking the nation by storm.

Discrimination and hate towards ‘black looks’– big lips, curly hair, dark skin, and stereotipycally large derriers– have resulted in conformity through weight loss, hair relaxers, skin lighteners and bleach. But why try to imitate when we can appreciate? African-Americans have reached a peak in cultural embracement in recent years regarding fashion, music and everyday lifestyle.

Bright colors and intricate patterns, traditional in African attire, dominated clothing trends in the first decade of the 2000’s. In what is called the ‘melanin movement,’ black men and women from toddlers to teens pridefully wear colors like royal blue, radiant yellow and varying shades of green that contrast well with gold, silver and bronze. The colors create a visual pop, putting more attention on the beauty of the wearers. An increasing number of black women have done the ‘big chop’: the act of cutting dry, heat-damaged hair to let natural, curly hair grow healthily.

Especially popular on social media has been the ‘black is beautiful’ hashtag, where the bright colors, curvy hips and curly hair are showcased in photos to celebrate culture and body positivity.

Between afros, interacial families, freckles and new braiding styles, there's a vast world of heritage coming together with innovative styles. The black community has come a long way and the possibilities for the future are endless.

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