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        The "black attitude", a.k.a "acting black", is that of the American stereotype; because of such prejudices America tends to fear black skin, despite the character beneath it. With these predisposed notions, the black community's livelihood has been at risk, and the outcomes were as unnecessary as they were deadly.

        The Blacktivist blog focuses on enlightening, inclusion, and the illumination of the black image, in America as well as around the world. The injustices suffered by the black community are unlawful and heinous, and I am here to start a narrative, and hopefully, change the ways of which the black community is perceived.

        And what is a human-rights focused blog without written opinions on all social issues? The Blacktivist website also observes the LGBTQIA movement, the American racial divide including POC and non-POC, political, classist, and cultural comparisons to other nations, and many more topics of interest.

There's never enough to be reported!

Rachelle Barrett - The Blacktivist

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